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Based in Los Angeles, Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant provides the best and sumptuous Ethiopian meals. Ethiopian food is an exception. With its spicy and rich stews and diversity of flavors, Ethiopian food definitely qualifies as one of the greatest stand- alone cuisines of the world. The cuisine is influenced from the food culture of the Middle- Eastern countries and that is the reason why the different Ethiopian cuisines are authentic in flavor and taste.

Ethiopian Cuisine

Relish the best Ethiopian cuisines

Our restaurant provides different types of vegetarian and non- vegetarian Ethiopian cuisines>. This type of cuisine generally consists of spicy meat dishes along with vegetables. We offer healthy and tasty food which comes in the form of Wat, a thick stew; that is served with injera, a flatbread. Our chefs make use of the fresh meat and vegetables because your health is our first priority.

Ethiopian Take Out

Freshly cooked vegetarian dish

The Ethiopian food is extremely vegan friendly and we serve the best vegetarian dishes to our customers. We serve the family- style meals with few large dollops of various dishes placed at the top of a giant pancake.

Ethiopian Food

Gorge on our special Ethiopian kitfo

Ethiopian kitfo is one of our famous starters as one can pick up any side dishes with the kitfo. Kitfo is one of the popular dishes of the Ethiopians where the beef meat is blended with berbere.

Visit us and get the taste of the best Ethiopian traditional food. Our dishes are very healthy and tasty and a great introduction to different flavor profiles of Ethiopia.