At Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant,

we provide you with the highest quality Ethiopian cuisine and service for the guests to acknowledge. We are one of the finest traditional Ethiopian restaurants here in Los Angeles.

The ethos behind our restaurant is to deliver an exotic and authentic flavor of Ethiopia while respecting its culture. Our highly skilled and experienced professional chefs use their exceptional skills in order to prepare enticing Ethiopian cuisines. We offer a wide range of Ethiopian food, featuring delicious traditional dishes, like Ethiopian kitfo.

Ethiopian Cuisine

Relish the best Ethiopian cuisines

Our restaurant provides different types of vegetarian and non- vegetarian Ethiopian cuisines. This type of cuisine generally consists of spicy meat dishes along with vegetables...

vegetarian dish

Freshly cooked vegetarian dish

The Ethiopian food is extremely vegan friendly and we serve the best vegetarian dishes to our customers...

Ethiopian kitfo

Gorge on our special Ethiopian kitfo

Ethiopian kitfo is one of our famous starters as one can pick up any side dishes with the kitfo. Kitfo is one of the popular dishes of the Ethiopians where the beef...

Relish on our famous starter,Ethiopian kitfo!!.

The kitfo consists of raw meat that is minced and marinated in mitmita (a spicy chilli powder) and clarified butter. Kitfo is cooked very lightly. Our restaurant serves kitfo with both mild cheese and cooked greens along with injera. You can pick up any of the side dishes along with kitfo.

We operate in perfect harmony by lovingly serving your ordered Ethiopian food or cuisine; delivering it to your table with a smile. With several years of experience, we are the perfect option for your dining experience. Our chefs prepare each and every dish by using the finest ingredients and authentic spices and herbs along with using fresh fish, tender meat and vegetables.

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Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant is also popular for its Ethiopian vegetarian dish along with other non- vegetarian dishes. You can come and have the taste of our famous Ethiopian salad which is a mixture of diced red onions, tomatoes, jalapeno slices that are dressed in salt and lemon juice along with a drizzle of olive oil.

Each and every vegetarian and non- vegetarian dish of our restaurant are loaded with authentic spices and packed with different flavors without the addition of artificial flavors. You can relish the flavors of the cuisines with injera, which goes with every kind of cuisine. Our well- trained staff members would ensure if you are enjoying your meal and having a good time at our restaurant.

Whether you are strict vegetarian or passionate meat lover, we promise you to service the best delicacy. Come, and soothe your soul and delight your taste buds by visiting our restaurant.